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nearly the end of primary7 - Mahanoor Hanif 28/04/2016 17:54:48
I cant believe it is nearly the of holy cross primary school
I can still remember my day in p1 but all that I am thinking
is where did the time go
the teachers that I am going to miss a lot are miss McDonald , mr Carr ,miss Auld ,Mrs Thomson , mrs Sincilar because they are the one who took me to paris . I am going to miss my class teachers Mrs Lynch and Miss Anderson thets all

i miss holy croos - abdullah 23/04/2016 17:51:25
i miss holy cross and im abdullah i used to come here now i dont im in holyrood in s2 my fav teacher was miss collins miss u so much miss collins xxxxx

last year of holy cross - mahanor hanif 28/09/2015 17:00:04
it is my last year in holy cross
I am going to miss it but I hope that the new p1 will love this school because the teachers and the head teacher Mr Carr are the best teachers you can get in school. I think my best teacher I've got is Mrs Lynch and Mr Preston.

bye love the school

1 YEAR TILL PRMARY 7 :D - Aliza 28/09/2015 12:34:02
Im in Primary 6 just now 1 year till Primary 7 just cant wait so exited

im going to miss holy cross - mahanoor hanif 15/09/2015 17:38:50
hi guys
this is my last year and I have been to this school from primary 1.p6 listen to this because at the end of p7 .in your head you will get your brain full of primary1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7 because you will never learn in this school any more so have fun bbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee!!!!!!!