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Enrolment Procedures

Primary 1 New Entrants

The enrolment of new entrants takes place during the second week in November  each year. Holy Cross works with local nurseries to ensure that there is an effective liaison programme. Staff from Holy Cross visit nurseries to work alongside children in the term before entry to school. Information about our school is shared with parents through a series of workshops as part of the induction programme. This ensures that parents are able to view the range of activities and resources available and have the opportunity to speak with staff. Pupils settle quickly into Primary 1 following these visits to the school.

When visiting the school you will need to bring:

your child's birth certificate

your child's passport

both parents passports if your child does not have a British passport

a council tax bill or utility bill as proof of address

your child's baptismal certificate, where appropriate.

Children entering at other stages:

Parents wishing to enrol children at other stages of the school, should in the first instance, telephone the Head Teacher to arrange an appointment to visit the school.