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Our Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision

Within the community of Holy Cross Primary we are engaged in the pursuit of excellence in attainment and achievement for all our pupils. At the heart of our shared vision is the provision of the highest quality teaching and learning, the promotion of Health and Wellbeing and the care and welfare of all learners. The four capacities from Curriculum for Excellence underpin this vision. This provision will take place within an inclusive, nurturing, Catholic ethos where positive attitudes to diversity will continue to thrive.  The fulfilment of our vision will be facilitated by partnerships with parents, Holy Cross Parish, local and wider communities and other agencies.

Our Values

Our Values constitute our school’s moral purpose.

  • Our school motto Curamus – We Care encompasses self-respect and respect for each other.
  • The promotion of Health and Wellbeing and the highest levels of care and welfare.
  • The Charter for Catholic Schools in Scotland’s inclusive promotion of Gospel values.
  • Children’s voice in the life and work of the school whereby their rights are taken into consideration to facilitate change.
  • High expectations of attainment and achievement.
  • The highest quality learning experiences in order that the children achieve their full potential.
  • To engage in partnership working to support the needs of the whole child.

Our Aims

We aim:

  • to raise attainment in literacy through improving learners’ vocabulary in English;
  • to raise attainment in numeracy through improved pedagogy and planning;
  • to improve teaching and learning by whole school engagement in data-based enquiry and intervention developed through evidenced based research;
  • to improve Health and Wellbeing for all children through the awareness and self-regulation of emotions;
  • to improve future job outcomes for pupils by raising digital literacy and skills for learning, life and work;
  • to engage with parents as the primary educators of children to support Family Learning.