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The Parent Council holds regular meetings throughout the year.  Any parent or carer is very welcome to attend.

Parental interest and involvement is extremely important. The Head Teacher or Depute Head Teachers are available at any time to meet parents/guardians who wish to discuss any matters of interest or concern. Parents wishing to speak to Class Teachers should contact the school to make an appointment.
  • Formal parent/teacher evenings are arranged twice a year. Throughout the session parents are most welcome to have their child's programme of work explained to them or have informal discussions regarding their progress.
  • Family learning workshops take place throughout the year.
  • Regular newsletters provide information about school matters.
  • New entrants are invited to pre-school induction visits. At these visits the children can sample the delights of P.1 whilst parents explore the curriculum and other matters of interest.
  • In September, there is also an evening induction session on how best to help your child particularly with early reading and number.
  •  Meetings are held to discuss the reception of the Sacraments e.g. First Confession, First Communion and Confirmation at the appropriate stages.
  • Parents are invited to school highlights such as services, concerts etc.